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Museum Of Beer Coming To East Village

Artist rendering of what the proposed Museum of Beer might look like in East Village.
Museum of Beer
Artist rendering of what the proposed Museum of Beer might look like in East Village.

Museum scheduled to open next year

The Museum of Beer is not yet a reality but it has set its sights on a location in San Diego's East Village. Thursday evening people got a sneak peek of what's to come at the Museum's launch party at Quartyard.

San Diego has become known as “America’s Hoppiest City” after a decade of establishing itself as an important mecca for craft beer. The proposed Museum of Beer would serve as "San Diego’s Beer Welcome Center,” explained Bruce Glassman, the museum’s Curator of Craft.

The museum is slated for summer 2020.

“It’s going to be that jumping-off place where everyone can come to begin their personal craft beer journey. It will seek to inspire hardcore beer fans and also educate those new to craft beer who have a thirst to learn more.”

Museum of Beer Launch Party

According to its press release, The Museum of Beer would house dozens of high-tech, immersive, hands-on exhibits about beer, beer history, and the brewing process. Guests can learn how beer is made, explore different beer styles from around the world, and learn about San Diego’s rich craft beer history. The goal is to mix fun and education.

Co-founder, Mike Kociela said of the 12,000 square-foot space that it will provide “a full array of sensory and tasting experiences” with a planned on-site beer garden, artisanal pizza kitchen, and tasting room with beers from members of the San Diego Brewers Guild.

“This kind of brick-and-mortar beer attraction will be a first for all of California,” said co-founder Anthony Ridenhour. “In terms of museum technology and information presentation, it’s definitely on the cutting edge. With the different elements and cool components we have planned, it’s going to be an Instagram playground and we can’t wait to see how visitors explore the exhibits.”

To help fund the project, the Museum is launching an Indiegogo campaign that features a wide array of perks.