Edison Community Engagement Panel Chair Addresses Safety Concerns At San Onofre

Wednesday, January 9, 2019
By Alison St John
Credit: Southern California Edison
Above: Radioactive spent fuel rods in giant canisters being transferred from spent fuel pools to concrete silos on site at San Onofre, March 2018

Southern California Edison has come under scrutiny for its handling of the spent nuclear fuel at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is currently investigating a near-miss accident that occurred while radioactive spent fuel was being transferred from cooling ponds to concrete bunkers near the beach.

The plant is being decommissioned but the spent fuel will remain on site, buried 100 feet from the ocean indefinitely, because Congress has failed to agree on a long term storage site for nuclear waste.

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UC San Diego international relations professor David Victor chairs Edison’s community engagement panel that is monitoring the decommissioning of the plant. Edison designated him to answer questions on Midday Edition Wednesday about what is happening at San Onofre.

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