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'Dear NPR': In Postcards From The Shutdown, Kids Show Us Life — And Learning

Milo Greer from Brooklyn drew himself and his friend because he "misses him so much."
Courtesy of Melissa Greer
Milo Greer from Brooklyn drew himself and his friend because he "misses him so much."

A few weeks ago, we asked parents to help us out. Have your kids draw or sketch or write us a postcard, we said, and send it to NPR (digitally, of course).

And children from all over the country (and Mexico!) responded: with drawings and dispatches from the home-school, online-class, mask-wearing, missing-my-friends world they've been living in for the past several months.

So check it out: Here are some of our favorites, along with the notes that the kids wrote on the back of their postcards. (Thanks to the grownups for helping out sometimes!) And you can see all of the other great postcards we received, too.


Oh, and one last thing: Parents and caregivers, we'd love to see more postcards from students. About summer time, reopening, what's going on in the country right now or anything else they'd like to show us through their art. Keep them coming (details here about how to send us a postcard).

1. Grocery shopping is very different.

2. Feeling boxed in.

3. Missing the park.

4. Getting creative out of necessity.


5. Appreciating nature.

6. Too much screen time.

7. Keeping up with other interests.

8. Staying connected virtually.

9. Making time for meditation.

10. Social-distancing challenges.

11. Helping out parents.

12. Drawing comics to keep laughing through it all.

Below are the rest of the submissions we received, in no special order, so you can keep smiling:

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