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Eight Local McDonald’s Serve Up COVID-19 Vaccines

Melissa Mae
A COVID-19 vaccine setup next to a McDonald's cup that says, 'This McDonald's is Locally Owned and Operated' with a 'Thanks for getting vaccinated' card that grants one free menu item to people who get vaccinated in El Cajon, CA on June 22, 2021.

San Diego County’s COVID-19 vaccination rate is now at 86% of the eligible population. But the county is still looking for more ways to get vaccines to more people.

The county is transitioning from large vaccine superstations to pop up vaccination sites. This week, eight local McDonald’s restaurants are now offering the vaccine.

Eight Local McDonald’s Serve Up COVID-19 Vaccines
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Leslie Mannes owns and operates two of the McDonald's restaurants that are providing free COVID-19 vaccines to their employees and the community.

“I’ve seen people pulling into our drive-thru who may have not even realized we were having this opportunity today, and as soon as they see the tents and this incredible truck, they want to know, 'Where do I go, where do I have to sign up to be able to get vaccinated,'” Mannes said.

Eight Local McDonald’s Serve Up COVID-19 Vaccines

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“This is a convenience and I think that one of the benefits to partnering with McDonald's is we have locations in everyone’s community,” she also said.


McDonald’s approached the county with this unique partnership idea.

Gary Johnston, San Diego County’s COVID-19 Incident Commander, said he appreciates how local businesses are stepping up to help with vaccine efforts.

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“I think of the fact in my younger days, a Big Mac was about 80 cents. That’s the first thing that comes to mind," Johnston said. "But again, it goes to show you what a great idea (it is). People gotta eat, people are going to come here, they’re going to see this and say, ‘Hey you know what, I’ve got time, 15 minutes to get vaccinated.’”

“Starting as of yesterday, 70 McDonald’s across the state are also participating in a very similar event, so this is a great team work with the state, great teamwork with the county and great teamwork with folks like Leslie and other business owners across the region,” Johnston said.

“We’re getting mobile. We’re getting out to where the hard to reach places are. We’re getting out to the community with the expectation that will help better inform everybody on the vaccine,” Johnston said. “Make it accessible to them much more easier than it would have been in our previous tactics.”

San Diego is starting to see the Delta Variant of the COVID-19 virus after four cases have been reported.

“I’m a former Marine and I like the fact that the vaccine is taking it to the virus and it doesn’t matter what the variant is. You are much less likely to have an impact from that virus if you’ve been fully vaccinated,” Johnston stated.

To find out if there is a local McDonald’s vaccine site near you, go to