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MY GREEK TABLE WITH DIANE KOCHILAS: Thessaloniki: Greece's De Facto Food City

Host and co-creator Diane Kochilas
American Public Television
American Public Television
Host and co-creator Diane Kochilas

Saturday, May 13, 2023 at 1 p.m. on KPBS TV / Stream now with the PBS App

No other city evokes the rich and complex history of Greek cuisine better than Thessaloniki, recently named a UNESCO Food City and Greece’s de facto culinary capital. On this episode, Diane explores the many influences that have shaped the flavors of beautiful Thessaloniki, especially the confluence of so many different Greeks settled there from the Anatolian and Balkan environs.

Along the way she learns (and shares) the secrets of bougatsa, an airy, creamy phyllo pastry, with a master baker, and boards a mussel boat just off the coast to harvest one of the city’s favorite seafood delicacies. From sweet shops to hot peppers to unsurpassed meze plates, Diane savors and shares the flavors of Thessaloniki. Back in her kitchen she cooks up a couple, too: Feta-Stuffed Sweet Red Peppers and Mussel Pilaf.

Thessaloniki: Greece’s De Facto Food City

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About The Series:

In Season 4 of the award-winning show MY GREEK TABLE WITH DIANE KOCHILAS, host and co-creator Diane Kochilas guides viewers on a robust and inviting exploration of the Greek landscape, including its people, food, history, traditions, and culture. Diane explores the rich world of Greek wines, informing viewers of the country's ancient vinicultural traditions and introducing them to the flavors and varieties that are uniquely Greek.

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