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A collage of pictures of multigenerational families living in San Diego with the text "under the same roof" along the bottom.
Photos by Jacob Aere, Katie Hyson, the Maxwell family and the Tembi family. Graphic by Philip Nenna

Exploring San Diego's multigenerational households

A recent study found that the San Diego region has the ninth most multigenerational households in the country. More than 10% of all residents in the San Diego region live in a household containing three or more generations, the study found.

Each family has a different set of reasons for why they live together, and a different set of circumstances. Here are some of their stories.

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An aerial view of apartments in City Heights. Dec. 1, 2020. Playing
Many San Diegans live in homes with three generations or more, whether or not there’s space
From left to right: Frankie Riggs, Jill Riggs, Frank Spevacek and Kathleen Rosenow stand in front of the home they share with Jill Riggs' husband in Julian on Wednesday, May 3, 2023. Frankie's cousin Waldo Fender, on the far right, is a frequent guest. Playing
Under the same roof: They were together for COVID lockdown and never left
Ricardo Islas, Liliana Vega, their daughter Alicia, and Ludivina Vega sit on the couch in their National City home in this undated photo. Playing
Under the same roof: Caring for an aging mother in National City


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