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Be Kind Rewind - Pro

Teen Critics take opposites sides on Be Kind Rewind (New Line Cinema)


Michel Gondry has struck another warm, heart felt piece of film, in his on going practice of taking common day trash and turning it into art. In his new film Be Kind, Rewind (opening February 22 throughout San Diego) , characters Mike (Mos Def) and Jerry (Jack Black) have to take care of a rundown movie store that has one foot in the grave. While watching over it, a freak accident causes all the tapes to be erased, forcing them to create new ones with their own creativity and their free use of a junk yard. Soon giving the video store a new life of it's own.

First off the actors' performances were amazing. Mos Def's uptight personality -- at least compared to Jack Black's character -- and Jack Black's screwed up character, go well together. Both pulling off a believable friendship. Now on to the director. Michel Gondry definitely shows off his creativity in this film, not only showcasing his ability to make anything look beautiful. He also brings back a low budget technique, mixing it with his own out-of-the-box mind. And by doing this, he takes the trash of the mainstream film industry -- you know the really horrible remakes, including digital everything -- and turns it into something we can actually enjoy and laugh at, instead of feeling bad for the director who actually tried to remake the classics. Along with pointing out how unnecessary it is to add special effects to movies like The Omen or Halloween . Throughout the movie we see familiar faces, such as Danny Glover, Mia Farrow and Sigourney Weaver. Now if you're up to date on your film, you'll notice all of them have starred in cult classics, that lately have been put aside, kind of like the movies the video store is filled with. By reminding us of these faces, Michel Gondry gives us more empathy for the store, that lags behind other updated, DVD-ridden stores. Giving the movie a subtle connection to the real world.

In the end Be Kind, Rewind (Rated PG-13 for some sexual references) reminds us of how unifying making a movie with friends can be, and how fun it is to put high paid actors and high graphics budgets aside. Later coming to the conclusion: the less technology, the more fun people can really have watching.


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-- Candace Kavanagh spends her life absorbing celluloid images. She loves every type of film from so-called "chick flicks" such as My Fair Lady and Legally Blonde, to mind bending thrillers like Mulholland Drive and Hard Candy -- with every zombie movie, action flick, musical, and comedy in between.

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