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I Know I'm Not Alone

Filmmaker and musician Michael Franti (Stay Human Films)

Once again San Diego filmgoers have the opportunity to see good documentary work for free. This time the film is Micahel Franti's I Know I'm Not Alone screening Tuesday April 22 at 7:00 pm at Lestats Coffeehouse (3343 Adam Avenue in Normal Heights). Michael Franti is a well known musician (with bands such as Spearhead and Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy) and human rights activist. In 2004 he decided that he wanted to do more than sing anti-war songs in sunny Califormia. He wanted to go to Baghdad and sing for U.S. troops and Iraqi citizens. He also decided that he wanted to learn more about Israel and Palestine, so he included those countries on his itinerary as well. Then he decided to document the whole experience in the film I Know I'm Not Alone . Among the glowing praise his film has received is this comment from the late filmmaker Anthony Minghella: "Watch this film then insist that Michael Franti becomes president of the United States." Sounds like it's worth checking out.