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Television Panels Strangely Absent from Comic-Con: The Prisoner

AMC is going to air a remake or reinterpretation , as they like to say, of the 1960's series The Prisoner . The original used to air from time to time on our own KPBS TV . Patrick McGoohan was amazing as star, writer, producer, director, creator, whew, all of those things. It really was all about him. The show was a bizarre follow up to Danger Man (AKA Secret Agent Man ). We were pushed to believe that he played the same character in both series. But it was always just a little unclear, purposely unclear. He is stripped of his identity and only referred to as Number 6. (Cue the Iron Maiden song: "I am not a number! I am a free man!") He is held captive in the generically labeled The Village and chased down by giant white weather balloons whenever he tries to escape. The internet tells me they are indeed keeping the rovers. I doubt they will keep my favorite car, the Lotus Seven .