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How Does Scorpion Beat Superman?

Straight from the marketing department, according to MK creator, Ed Boon. & I have to say, that is not a great start for creativity, but since it is internet fashion to beat up on MK, I'll leave that alone. & Boon told me, "We've been making MK games since 1992, which is a long time. & At some point around MKIV, we talked about & 'wouldn't it be cool if we made a versus game with one of our competitors?'" & He mentioned Street Fighter and Virtua Fighter, but ... there's a game called Street Fighter, there's a game called Virtua Fighter, and we thought it would be cool." & That would actually be pretty cool. & But I imagine the corporate war that would ensue would be bloodier than anything in the MK universe. & And, according to Boon, that project "never really panned out." &

Boon explained that, when the marketing people approached him with the idea, he was hesitant to mix the two worlds - one populated with shining good guys and the other populated mostly with bloody mess. & But, given the increasingly dark takes on DC characters of late, they gave it a shot. & "Once we saw Batman on the screen versus our SubZero character, we knew it was like magic," said Boon. & Apparently, Boon wants to beat up Superman too.

Sure, it seems a bit silly to mix these two worlds. & But, really, if it's fun to play, who cares? & So cross your fingers that it will be fun to play.