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Transporter 3

Jason Statham hits the road again as the professional driver in Transporter 3 (Lionsgate)

By Janeane White

What is there to say about Transporters 3 (opening Novemver 26 throughout San Diego)? The movie itself was good but I preferred the previous films in the series. I'm not sure if it was because of the basic storyline or the need for even more action. There were plenty of amazing stunts and fight scenes and Jason Statham delivers an awesome performance as usual. The movie starts off with Frank (Statham) and his French detective buddy off fishing while some guy is running from the cops through the middle of town. Later on this guy ends up crashing through Frank's front wall of his house and Frank desperately tries to help once he realizes that the mad man is a friend of his. This guy tries to warn Frank not to take him away from the car but he doesn't listen. Apparently he and the girl in the car with him were equipped with a special bracelet that is an explosive and when you travel to far away from the car, BOOM! Frank is then taken hostage and told that he had to complete the mission that the previous guy failed. He unfortunately agrees and then the journey begins.

This movie had a lot of amazing action but I still feel like it could have been better. Overall I do think it was a great movie but like all sequels, I feel that it lacked in comparison to the original. There wasn't as much action and all the rules that Frank tried so hard to up hold, he breaks in one way or another. I felt that it was a different guy then the one that all of us are used to seeing up on the big screen. Frank was still the overwhelming bad boy but I felt that he lacked some of his well-known fierceness.


--Janeane White is a senior at Mount Miguel High School. She enjoys movies and spends all her time at the theater. She is also interested in special effects makeup done in the movies. She is an honors student and is currently working towards early graduation. Some of her favorite movies include Queen of the Damned, Hellboy, The Descent, the Underworld series, and the Saw series.

Corrected: December 10, 2023 at 11:25 AM PST
Janeane White is a senior at Mount Miguel High School.