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In Studio: Kruger Brothers' Worldclass Bluegrass


Kruger Brothers Bring Worldclass Bluegrass to San Diego
Described as mesmerizing, intense and tranquil, the Kruger Brothers are one of the top bands in bluegrass and Americana music today. Originally from Switzerland, the band now makes it home in the heart of banjo country in North Carolina. The Kruger Brothers perform live in studio.

The Kruger Brothers Perform Their Worldclass Bluegrass

Maureen Cavanaugh: Clear, clean, down-home, foot-tapping bluegrass music is as American as the Swiss Alps. Well, what else can you say when two of the best bluegrass musicians performing today who were born and raised in Switzerland. Jens and Uwe Kruger now live in North Carolina, but they caught the folk music bug as children in Switzerland when their father brought home records from his trips to America.

The Kruger brothers and fellow musician Joel Landsberg have just released a new CD called "Between the Notes." Last December, they spoke with Tom Fudge about their many musical influences and they played a few tunes live in studio.


Jens Kruger, banjo player and composer.


Uwe Kruger, lead vocalist who plays the guitar.

Joel Landsberg, bass player.