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WonderCon Day Two: The Star Trek Panel

Click to view J.J. Abrams at the WonderCon Star Trek panel answers the burning question on every Star Trek fan's mind about how this new film fit in the ST universe.

SAN FRANCISCO - Day Two of WonderCon brought the Hollywood panels. Watchmen, Star Trek and Terminator Salvation all came to court fans with sneak peeks. At the Star Trek panel, J.J. Abrams brought stars Chris Pine (Captain Kirk), Zachary Quinto (Spock), and Zoe Saldana (Uhuru) as well as producers Bryan Burk and Roberto Orci. The first question asked of Abrams and the question on every Star Trek fan's mind was how would this new film, a prequel of sorts, fit into the Star Trek universe? Would it respect the original series and the way storylines and characters were developed by Gene Roddenberry? Abrams took the question and attempted to assure the thousands of Star Trek fans at the Moscone Center's ballroom that yes indeed he would be respectful of the original series. You can view his answer as well as Abrams' response to an attendee who said that her friend was an extra on Star Trek claimed that Abrams would rap on the set. He claims he did not rap but you can judge for yourself. You can also judge for yourself whether or not you think Abrams is being properly respectful or not. Attendees were also treated to the premiere of the new theatrical trailer for Star Trek , which reveals more of the characters and plot as well as some pumped up action. (But I didn't notice a single shot in this new trailer of Simon Pegg as Scotty.) But as with the Star Wars prequels it looks like the earlier technology (the ships, the weapons, the onboard computers) looks sleeker and more advanced than the what supposedly came after. I guess that's because filmmakers can't resist using their own state of the art technology to spruce up their prequels. The trailer looked action packed but then the trailer for the Abrams-produced Cloverfield got me pumped and then the film disappointed. It will be interesting to see what he does with such a revered franchise as Star Trek . Panel highlights courtesy of Comic-Con International and WonderCon.