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Teen Critic Observes and Reports

Anna Faris and Seth Rogen in Observe and Report (Warner Brothers)

Observe and Report is a great film, but it did have some larger than life moments, especially one involving Ronnie single-handedly fighting off around twenty police officers and being let out of jail the next day. Also there are very few characters in this film who are not punched in the face by Ronnie, as that seems to be his main form of communication. With those minor points aside it seems like a film that glorifies the daily life of the mall cop. It would appear that mall cops are the new zombies as more and more films seem to have them -- Mirrors, Paul Blart , and now Observe and Report .

I would recommend bringing your buddies to Observe and Report (rated R for pervasive language, graphic nudity, drug use, sexual content and violence) but not your parents. This is definitely not a chick flick and I feel that it only appeals to a male audience around 17-30. The soundtrack to this film is top-notch and every song leaves you with a tingle of righteousness as Ronnie beats down skate punks and goes to the range with his "infantry." This movie might not have been the same if Seth Rogen was not the star. At times it feels as though Seth Rogen is trying too hard to be a symbol of all that is manly. He does a great job and that's what makes up his unique style. But had it been lets say -- for the sake of comedy -- Zac Efron or an actor new to comedy playing the part of Ronnie, then the movie would not have been the same. But since it was Seth Rogen I truly believe that I will be repeating some of his over the top lines for weeks to come. If you enjoyed Superbad and Knocked Up , then this movie is a must see!