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A panel discussion with the country’s top journalists, providing news and analysis on the week's top stories. WASHINGTON WEEK is the longest-running prime-time public affairs and news program in tv history.

Topics for May 26:


Debt deadline looms: With less than a week to go until the U.S. could begin defaulting on its debts, there’s a new sense of urgency in Washington for Pres. Biden and Speaker McCarthy to reach an agreement to raise the country’s debt limit. Their political brinkmanship pushed stocks lower and a leading credit rating agency warned the U.S.’ perfect score is in jeopardy.

Some reports indicate an agreement could be close but significant sticking points remain. And with House members leaving town for Memorial Day recess, many question how Congress will raise the debt limit before the likely deadline next week.

Joining guest moderator, Lisa Desjardin, to discuss this and more:

  • Farnoush Amiri, Congressional Reporter, The Associated Press
  • Peter Baker, Chief White House Correspondent, The New York Times
  • John Bresnahan, Co-Founder, Punchbowl News
  • Francesca Chambers, White House Correspondent, USA Today

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