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Hallowed Grounds

A mother and son visit a grave at Normandy American Cemetery.
Robert Uth, ©2005 New Voyage Communications, Inc.
A mother and son visit a grave at Normandy American Cemetery.

Airs Sunday, May 28, 2017 at 2 p.m. on KPBS TV

"Hallowed Grounds" visits 22 of America's overseas military cemeteries, and tells the story of these remarkable places with historical sequences about the wars and battles that created them, and moving vignettes and interviews about the men and women who rest in them.

Created after World War I and World War II, these cemeteries are some of America's great national treasures.

"Hallowed Grounds" provides a rare look at these commemorative shrines and brings them home with stirring images and details. They are located in England, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Tunisia and the Philippines.


Each cemetery is a unique expression of commemorative design, with great architecture, breathtaking landscapes, and powerful works of art. All are tangible representations of American values.

This program is filled with tales of sacrifice and courage. Some of the fallen are well known: the poet Joyce Kilmer, the bandleader Glenn Miller, the five Sullivan Brothers, General George S. Patton. But most were ordinary men and women caught up in the calamity of war.

These overseas military cemeteries were created to honor America's Fallen, but they are also intended to inspire and teach the living.

"Hallowed Grounds" allows Americans to see for the first time some of their great national treasures. It seeks to heighten respect for those who lost and continue to lose their lives for America, and reminds viewers of the great and tragic cost of war in the pursuit of liberty.

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Video Excerpt: Hallowed Grounds