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Stephen Fry In America: Nevada

Stephen Fry visits Monument Valley, Arizona on his journey across America.
American Public Television
Stephen Fry visits Monument Valley, Arizona on his journey across America.

Airs Wednesday, January 20, 2010 at 9 p.m. on KPBS TV

In the new six-part documentary series, "Stephen Fry in America," legendary British comedian Stephen Fry visits each American state, hearing its song, visiting its landmarks and distinctive sites, looking at its unique and quaint laws, talking to its citizens and discovering the true natures of the 50 individual parts that make up the whole.

The accomplished actor Fry is best known to American audiences from his classic Britcoms "Jeeves & Wooster" (starring opposite Hugh Laurie) and "Blackadder" as well as appearances in films like "V for Vendetta" and the television show "Bones." Fry was also very nearly an American. Just before Stephen was born, his British father was offered a job at Princeton University, but chose to turn it down. And so, Stephen was born in London — but he's always been fascinated by the land that might have been his home. "Stephen Fry in America" is an intriguing look at an outsider's journey across the United States.

In this episode: Stephen explores America's Southwest, beginning with New Mexico where he meets physicists unraveling the secrets of dark matter and eco-house dwellers living "off the grid" near Santa Fe. In Arizona he stays with the Navajo in Monument Valley, travels across Lake Powell aboard a houseboat and takes a trip on a World War Two bomber. In Nevada he meets Mormon missionaries, before heading over the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

Video Excerpt: Stephen Fry in America