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New St. Vincent Video In Feminist Bookstore With ThunderAnt

This made me laugh out loud! Critical darling St. Vincent's new video for "Laughing With A Mouth of Blood" is set in a familiar landscape from my college days, the independently-owned feminist bookstore. The video stars comedy duo ThunderAnt, aka Fred Armistad (SNL fame) and Carrie Brownstein (Sleater Kinney fame). These two have made a series of webisodes called Feminist Bookstore and they are hilarious. Armistad is in appropriate drag (down to birkenstock-like shoes) and they capture uber-awkward, earnest, and intellectually insecure brilliantly.

The duo become unlikely and inept music promoters in the video as St. Vincent plays a gig at their store. She plays a gig in our neck of the woods next Wednesday. You can check her and her loveliness out at Belly Up Tavern on February 10th. You can listen to her in concert on NPR Music.

New video from St. Vincent featuring Carrie Brownstein (ex-Sleater Kinney) and SNL's Fred Armisen, aka thunderANT.