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John Leguizamo On These Days


John Leguizamo is going to be in the KPBS studio on Monday, talking about his new solo show "Diary of a Madman" which he's workshopping at the La Jolla Playhouse as part of their Page to Stage program. I'm prepping for the interview now, which means I'm reading and watching everything I can about John Leguizamo. Cry me a river, I know, tough job.

Did you know Leguizamo's shown up for at least two interviews in 2009 in his boxer shorts? If that happens at KPBS, I'll be sure CL gets exclusive pix. I came across this video of the opening to his 2002 solo show "Sexaholix...A Love Story." The man can dance!

Excerpt From John Leguizamo's "Sexaholix...A Love Story"

Tune in to "These Days" on Monday at 10:30am to hear the interview with Leguizamo.

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