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Indie Rock's Mystery Theater


Mystery on the Internet does not exist. In fact, it would seem that the web exists solely to demystify things. Throw in the cult of celebrity, and the microscope intensifies.

That’s why the curious case of Iamamiwhoami has us (and the rest of the blog world) intrigued. Their visceral viral music videos, posted on YouTube, play like the Discovery Channel directed by David Lynch – female legs wiggle in place of a tree’s limbs, there’s stock footage of a duck giving (bloody) birth, and a woman, flaxen and covered in mud, blinks her contact-enhanced blue eyes to the camera.

The origin of these experimental videos is murky, spurring a net-wide guessing game.

Is it The Knife, perhaps, being as eccentrically cool as usual? They did compose a Darwin electro-opera, after all. Or perhaps Christina Aguilera, eschewing her bubble-gum roots for the avant-garde? Believe it or not, many think so – though lately, clues have pointed to two Swedish indie darlings: Lykke Li and up-and-comer Jonna Lee.

Interestingly enough, both blondes just wrapped up SXSW, and were inevitably questioned on their link to the clips – but no answers were to be found (though Lee reportedly issued a wry smile).

Whoever the culprit is, the footage is mind-bendingly gorgeous. Check out their most recent short below and see if you can crack the case – all seven videos are available on their YouTube account.

Iamamiwhoami's latest video

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