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Artists Announced For MCASD's Exhibit Showcasing Local Artists

Allison Renshaw's "Pervette," mixed media.  Renshaw is on of 43 artists selected for MCASD's "Here Not There: San Diego Now" exhibit.
Quint Contemporary Art
Allison Renshaw's "Pervette," mixed media. Renshaw is on of 43 artists selected for MCASD's "Here Not There: San Diego Now" exhibit.

MCASD La Jolla's summer exhibit, "Here Not There: San Diego Now," features work by contemporary artists living and working in San Diego County. The museum just announced the list of participating artists (see below). The show opens June 6th. Lots of interesting artists on this list - and some we at Culture Lust are excited to learn more about.

The museum solicited submissions from local artists in the Fall of 2009 and received over 230 submissions. MCASD Associate Curator Lucía Sanromán also conducted studio visits and tapped into networks of local artists to flesh out the list.

In the end, Sanromán selected 43 artists and collectives to participate. Here's the list (note that Ricardo Dominguez, the UCSD professor whose art projects have become the subject of recent controversy is on the list):

David Adey


Adam Belt

Susannah Bielak

Brian Black and Ryan Bulis

Kelsey Brookes

Sheldon Brown

Micha Cárdenas and Elle Mehrmand

Brian Dick

Ricardo Dominguez

Tom Driscoll

Kelly Eginton

James Enos

Steve Gibson

Brian Goeltzenleuchter

Matthew Hebert

John Hogan

Jeff Irwin

Glenna Jennings

Wendell Kling

John Oliver Lewis

Lev Manovich

Heather Gwen Martin

May-Ling Martinez

Jessica McCambly

Gretchen Mercedes

Patricia Montoya

Ingram Ober

Christopher Puzio

Andy Ralph

Marisol Rendon

Allison Renshaw

Jason Sherry and Matt Hoyt

Tristan Shone

The Border Corps (Armando de la Torre, Anthony Vasquez, Endy, Perry Vasquez, and Shondra Dawson)

Stephen Tompkins

Michael Trigilio

Robert Twomey

Zlatan Vukosavljevic

Vicki Walsh

Allison Wiese

From the press release:

"'Here Not There' does not aim to reach definitive conclusions about the nature of artistic production in San Diego County, nor draw a single narrative illustrating notions of identity or regionalism. The main objective is to chart as straight a trajectory as possible: from the artist's studio to the exhibition space. From this investigation, the exhibition emerges as a site of multiple overlapping thematic lines, encircling around disparate communities with their own gravitational centers, each defining a "here" that nearly touches another."