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One Stop Shop: The Best of Local Etsy

An adorable card available from Etsy store Sparkle Paw.
An adorable card available from Etsy store Sparkle Paw.

Shopping local (okay, shopping in general) is something we here at Culture Lust readily enjoy, and when it comes to sourcing the most unique finds on the planet, forget eBay - head to Etsy’s ever-changing, inventive roster of online locally-based e-boutiques. Below, a few of our picks for the best in homegrown goods.

Sparkle Paw

If you’re in the mood for “All Things Adorable,” (this store’s live-by-it credo), Sparkle Paw is the shop for charming accessories, pastel recipe notes and simple, beautiful cards for those “just because” days. Its illustrator says her inspiration is rooted in her Japanese upbringing, evident in the anime-like cast of woodland creatures adorning her wares.


Scrabble! On a necklace! Need we say more? Relive your moments of letter-slinging glory with the Hasbro board game favorite repurposed into whimsical necklaces from HomeStudio.

Under Glass

We’re loving the delicate little universes preserved in Under Glass’ range of resin necklaces and accoutrements. From mini Ouija boards to autumn leaves and butterfly wings ensconced in the glass-like substance, they subtly play with nature’s (and the supernatural’s) role in design.

Vintage Stylez

Lamenting the loss of Hillcrest’s beloved Wear it Again Sam? One part Joan Holloway, one part “Heathers,” visit Vintage Stylez for a beautifully curated and reasonably priced selection of dresses and era-wear.

Fun Vintage Living

Yes, another shop with “Vintage” in the title, but this time, expect mod style galore – think a funky silver statement piece salvaged from a mid-century front door (the owner suggests casting it as a centerpiece) and star-spangled 1950’s flour sifters, perfectly intact.

Peppermint Daydreams

Deck your walls with the darkly dreamy illustrations of Christy Pepper Dawson, whose shop, Peppermint Daydreams, purveys original prints, cards, and accessories etched with a Tim Burton-worthy pop surrealist cast. If you feel like venturing outside, she also just landed in ultra-cool University Heights boutique Hunt and Gather – stop by to get the goods (bonus: they have an amazing selection of vintage vinyl!)

Monkeys Always Look

We’re besotted with this shop’s collection of embossed cheeky garden goods and antique accessories. Craving a flawless vintage silver spoon emblazoned with an expletive? Go here.

Dime Store Delights

Slightly creepy and deliciously kitschy, Dime Store Delights specializes in 50s-60s goods from the long-forgotten eponymous bargain mecca. Plastic baby in a basket, anyone?

Fables by Barrie

San Diego may be the capital of surf culture (and bikini designers), but with an Indian summer on the horizon, we say ditch the traditional two-piece and go for one of the pinup-inspired Americana suits available at Fables by Barrie. If you can work it like the model pictured, we salute you.

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