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Orla Fallon's My Land

Promotional graphic from the "Orla Fallon's My Land" DVD/CD.
Courtesy of Orla Fallon
Promotional graphic from the "Orla Fallon's My Land" DVD/CD.

Airs Tuesday, March 1, 2011 at 9 p.m. on KPBS TV

Join beloved Irish singer and musician Orla Fallon on a heartfelt musical pilgrimage through her beloved Ireland. "Orla Fallon's My Land" celebrates the people and the landscapes of the Emerald Isle, and revels in the beautiful music they inspire.

This new performance special is the show that Orla always wanted to make. Shot live and in concert at the historic 17th-century Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin, "My Land" features Orla's stirring solo renditions of Irish and American classics, as well as performances with the legendary Dubliners, the Dublin Gospel Choir, and a special appearance by the influential Irish singer/songwriter Damien Dempsey. Songs include "Isle of Innisfree," Spanish Lady," "Mo Ghile Mear," "Ni Na La," "Morning Has Broken," and "Both Sides Now."

The audience also gets to journey with Orla outside the concert hall on a pilgrimage across Ireland, from the craggy cliffs of Moher in the west to the green coasts of the north, to the pubs, villages, rivers, meadows, and historic sites that make Orla's native land so enchanting. A gifted singer and master of the Irish harp, Orla Fallon is well known to audiences from her years with Celtic Woman. Her career has taken her around the globe to perform for presidents and popes.


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Preview: Orla Fallon's My Land