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Festival News: SDLFF Announces Award Winners

"El Infierno" won best narrative film at the 2012 SDLFF.
Bandidos Films
"El Infierno" won best narrative film at the 2012 SDLFF.

'El Cuento Chino' Takes Audience Award

The 19th Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival just announced the 2012 Premio Corazon Award Winners


Best Narrative Feature: "El Infierno"

Best Documentary Feature: "El Lugar Mas Pequeno"


Special Jury Prize (Documentary Feature): "Unfinished Spaces"

Best Animated Feature: "Pequenas Voces"

Best Narrative Short: "Maddoggin’"

Best Documentary Short: "Walt Disney Square"

Best Experimental Short: "La Huida"


Best Student Film: "Nani"

Best Local Film: "El Abuelo"

Best Animated Short: "Prita Noire"

Audience Award Winner (Narrative Feature): "El Cuento Chino"

Audience Award Winner (Documentary Feature): "Paraiso for Sale"

Jury Statements for the winning documentaries:

"El Lugar Más Pequeño" ("The Tiniest Place"):
"Is selected as Best Documentary for the way it expertly uses the tactile tools of cinema to powerfully transport us through time into the memory and loss of a people struggling to resurrect their lives. It is at once a powerful condemnation of the violence suffered by the Salvadoran people and a poetic contemplation of life after turmoil."

"Unfinished Spaces":
"A Special Jury Prize is given to Unfinished Spaces for its original, dynamic and captivating approach to telling the history of the Cuban revolution. With clear direction, the film illuminates in a tangible way the relationship between art and architecture, and the enormous value of culture and arts in any society."

Documentary Competition Jury Members:

Marcela Goglio – Curator, Latinbeat!, Film Society of Lincoln Center

Edwin Martínez – Filmmaker (“To Be Heard”)

Guillermo Vázquez – Executive Director, Puerto Rico Film Society

Narrative Feature Jury:

Gina Rodriguez: star of "Filly Brown"

Carmen Marron: director of "Go For It!"

Laura Castaneda: chair of Radio, TV, and Film Department, City College