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JFK - A Homecoming

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy visits Ireland, June 1963.
Courtesy of American Public Television
President John Fitzgerald Kennedy visits Ireland, June 1963.

Airs Sunday, November 10, 2013 at 12 p.m. on KPBS TV

The great-grandson of Irish immigrants, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the first and only Irish-Catholic American elected president of the United States. He always relished his Irish heritage, and in June 1963, Kennedy made an historic trip to his ancestors' homeland. In the American Public Television-distributed special "JFK - A Homecoming," Irish television host Ryan Tubridy takes us on a remarkable journey behind the scenes of that era-defining visit.

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Kennedy had been in Ireland on three other occasions and his relationship to the country was deep. But during this visit, as president, he was given a hero's welcome.

"JFK - A Homecoming," probes the significance of the visit, examining why he had such a profound effect on the country. It recollects and reflects on the Ireland into which Kennedy arrived, a country that was largely agrarian and extremely poor.

The echoes of modern times are also present as the documentary looks at the comparisons between the Kennedy story and that of President Obama — both presidential mold-breakers in their own way.

The documentary features contributions from: Ted Sorensen, one of Kennedy's most trusted advisors who was with him on the trip to Ireland; Jean Kennedy Smith, Jack's last surviving sibling, who was also on the trip; and authors and historians, including JFK's American biographer Robert Dallek.

Film archive and previously unheard audio archive from the JFK library in Boston — including audio speeches, photos and personal testimony — all contribute to this exploration of what was both a private and a public journey for America's 35th President. An absorbing historical documentary, "JFK - A Homecoming," is a tribute to a great man and a great land.

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