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MASTERPIECE MYSTERY! Inspector Lewis, Series V: Generation Of Vipers

Toby Stephens as David Connelly in "Generation Of Vipers."
Courtesy of © ITV for MASTERPIECE
Toby Stephens as David Connelly in "Generation Of Vipers."

Airs Sunday, July 15, 2012 at 9 p.m. on KPBS TV

Murder extends its reach even beyond the medieval walls of Oxford in the all-new season five of "Inspector Lewis." In four new cases, "The Soul of Genius" (July 8), "Generation of Vipers" (July 15), "Fearful Symmetry" (July 22) and "The Indelible Stain" (July 29), Lewis (Kevin Whately) bumps up against the usual institutional imperiousness of academics, but still manages to untangle lies with his combination of instinct and experience.

Inspector Lewis Slideshow

VIew a slideshow featuring Lewis and Hathaway and a new set of victims, suspects, and killers engaged in scholarly yet deadly deeds beneath the medieval spires of Oxford.

Hathaway (Laurence Fox), his wit as sharp as his reason, handles suspects and classical allusions with the same deft intellect. Each lonely in his own way, the partners face procedural and existential questions and adjust to the presence of a new DI — and potential rival for Hobson's affections — Peterson. James Fleet ("Little Dorrit"), Celia Imrie ("Cranford") and Toby Stephens ("Jane Eyre") co-star.


"Generation Of Vipers" - In this episode, Lewis and Hathaway are drawn into a world of virtual bullying, but very real murder, when Professor Miranda Thornton is found dead after her dating video is leaked onto a vicious website. Although it appears to be a suicide, the deeper they investigate, they realize that Miranda's death is actually the final revenge of an old enemy.

In social media stripped of identity and humanity, mirroring only loneliness, Lewis and Hathaway must cut through swathes of Internet anonymity to penetrate a "Generation Of Vipers." Toby Stephens ("Jane Eyre") guest stars as David Connelly.

Did you miss the first episode? "The Soul Of Genius" is available for online viewing through August 7, 2012, and "Generation Of Vipers" is available for online viewing through August 14th.

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