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Screening: "Batman" (1966 Movie)

Adam West and Burt Ward as teh caped crusaders Batman and Robin in the 1966 movie, "Batman."
20th Century Fox
Adam West and Burt Ward as teh caped crusaders Batman and Robin in the 1966 movie, "Batman."

Holy Nostalgia!

What better way to decompress after Comic-Con and rev up for "The Dark Knight" (opening July 20) than with the original 1966 "Batman" movie at the Whistle Stop Thursday at 7:30pm.

I grew up with Adam West and Burt Ward as the caped crusaders Batman and Robin. I adored the show and the 1966 movie. I watch them now and they scream cheese and camp but they are no less fun. The film recently came out on BluRay and the digital clean up has now made it easier to see the seams in the cyclorama in the background or the whiskers Caesar Romero is trying to hide under his Joker's white make up. It's like camp enhancement and it only makes me smile with joy even more.

Here's a sample of the film's charms in the old trailer for the film:

Batman 1966 - Original Theatrical Trailer

If you went to Comic-Con, you could have seen the Adam West Batmobile in all its glory on the lawn between the San Diego Convention Center and the Bayfront Hilton. I know I am biased but it was the best one by far!

I hope you can join me along with Horrible Imagining's Miguel Rodriguez and Sobering Conclusion's Ian Forbes as we introduce "Batman" this Thursday at 7:30pm at the Whistle Stop. And just a reminder that Horrible Imaginings is having a night of horror this Saturday at 10th Avenue Theater from 8:00pm to 11:00pm with Peter Jackson's "Dead ALive," "Witch's Brew," and more.

More information about the screening is on the FaceBook events page.