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Market Warriors: Antiquing In Brimfield, Mass. - Part Two

MARKET WARRIORS picker Kevin Bruneau negotiates with a vendor.
Courtesy of (c) David Aaron Troy for MARKET WARRIORS
MARKET WARRIORS picker Kevin Bruneau negotiates with a vendor.

Airs Monday, September 24, 2012 at 9 p.m. on KPBS TV

From the producers of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, the hit PBS series and the forerunner of television’s popular antiques and collectibles genre, comes a new adventure for treasure seekers: MARKET WARRIORS.

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This series follows antiques pickers—Bob Richter, John Bruno, Kevin Bruneau, and Miller Gaffney—on a nationwide treasure hunt, scouring flea markets for antiques and vintage valuables with an eye toward selling their finds for profit at auction.

Over the course of 20 one-hour episodes, viewers will get to know the pickers, enjoy an up-close look at the fierce competition in each episode and obstacles they face in the marketplace each week, and make their best guesses about who will come out ahead at the end of each episode.

“With MARKET WARRIORS, we wanted to turn the lens on the antiques pickers themselves,” says series executive producer Marsha Bemko. “Our pickers aren’t your amateur weekend-flea-market hobbyists. They are pros looking to turn a profit in a highly competitive setting where the element of chance and a little luck sometimes trump expertise.”

"Antiquing In Brimfield, Mass." Part Two - This week on MARKET WARRIORS, pickers Miller, John, Bob and Kevin head to one of the largest markets in the world, the Brimfield Antique Show in Brimfield, Massachusetts. There they scour the 16 fields of vendors in search of the best piece of art pottery.

Some notable picks include a Rookwood vase and a painted blanket chest. One picker is drawn to an item that will bring great rewards, while another buys a forgery that will cause second-guessing.


Later in the episode, the pickers team up (Bob and Kevin against John and Miller) in a round to buy an object for resale the same day. Their finds go under the hammer at Cowan's Auction in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Learn about what it takes to film MARKET WARRIORS, the new series from the producers of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW. This behind-the-scenes video follows the team on a rainy trip to Brimfield's Antiques Show, a famous flea market in central Massachusetts.