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ANTIQUES ROADSHOW: Vintage Louisville

Courtesy of WGBH Boston

Airs Monday, July 17, 2017 at 9 p.m. on KPBS TV

Specialists from the country's leading auction houses and independent dealers from across the nation travel throughout the United States offering free appraisals of antiques and collectibles.

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW cameras watch as owners recount tales of family heirlooms, yard sale bargains and long-neglected items salvaged from attics and basements, while experts reveal the fascinating truths about these finds. Mark L. Walberg hosts.

Appraisal: 19th-Century Folk Art Jug


"Watch Stephen Fletcher's appraisal of a 19th-century folk art jug

"Vintage Louisville" - ANTIQUES ROADSHOW takes a look back at some of the items appraised in Louisville back in 1998. A 19th-century folk art jug, which was originally appraised at $30,000 to $50,000, has since leaped in value to an estimated $100,000 to $150,000!

Tune in for more updates on items like a South Carolina Slave Badge from 1810 and James Dean’s high school yearbook.

Appraisal: Japanese Temple Vase

"Check out James Callahan's appraisal of a Japanese temple vase


Bakelite Or Fakelite?

Get out your bangles and brushes: appraiser Gloria Lieberman and MARKET WARRIORS’ Miller Gaffney provide a couple of helpful hints on testing for real Bakelite. View the slideshow.

Appraisal Updates

Learn about new developments surrounding appraisals from previous ROADSHOW segments.


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Appraisal: 1907 Carl Everton Moon Painting

"Watch Linda Dyer's appraisal of a 1907 Carl Everton Moon painting

"Appraisal: Inscribed First Ed. "Mary Poppins" "

"In Vintage Louisville