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SD Fringe Dance Shows: 'Mesa Moves' And 'Get Free'

Dance and more makes these shows worth checking out

SD Fringe Dance Show: 'Mesa Moves'

San Diego International Fringe Festival highlights all kinds of performance. Here are two dance shows worth checking out: "Mesa Moves: Dance Spectrum" and "Get Free."

Mesa College has performed at Fringe in years past and has always put on a good show. The dances frequently have great ideas behind the choreography so that you are engaged by more than just the beauty and skill of the dances. This year, one dance mixes discussion of Beethoven's music with dancers conveying the ideas conveyed in his symphonies and it is both playful and well done.

The dance program at San Diego Mesa College offers more than 55 courses in multiple levels of ballet, modern dance, jazz, tap, ballroom, Latin dance, as well as classes, in theory, history and choreography.


According to the Fringe website, Mesa College Dance provides "students the opportunity to learn about dance and its role in the rich culture of our world. For 40 years, Mesa College Dance has cultivated a community of artists who are collaborative and multi-dimensional in their view and knowledge of dance."

SD Fringe Dance And Poetry: 'Get Free'

bkSOUL delivers more than just dance with its show as well. "Get Free" mixes dance, song, rap, poetry and more to have the audience consider what we might need to get free from.

"Mesa Moves" has shows at 9 p.m., June 14 and 15 and at 6 p.m. on June 16, all at the Centro Cultural de la Raza. Sadly "Get Free" has no more performances but you can check out the video to get a taste of their show. bkSOUL is a San Diego-based group so if you like what you see, follow them on Facebook to catch something else they are doing.

There are additional Fringe shows with dance but I have yet to see them. Hope to report back soon with more information.