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Border & Immigration

Tijuana Teen Killed By Stray Bullet As Tijuana Police Attacked Again

A stray bullet struck and killed a teenage girl in Tijuana this morning when suspected drug cartel hitmen attacked Tijuana police. The girl was apparently helping her mother set up a food stand early Tuesday morning in the city's southeast, off the free road to Rosarito.

Mexican authorities have not said officially if the attack was directed at Tijuana police. At least one municipal police officer was wounded.

More than two dozen Tijuana police officers have been killed since the start of this year.


Last summer, the leader of a drug group, who broke away from Tijuana's Arellano Felix cartel, declared he would kill Tijuana police officers until the city's director of security, Julian Leyzaola, stepped down.

The drug gang reiterated its threat Monday when it reportedly left a written message along with two mutilated bodies in a car parked a few blocks from Tijuana's police headquarters.