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Border & Immigration

Different Perspectives From The Thousands Marching In Washington D.C. For Immigration Reform

Thousands of activists are descending on Washington D.C. to march for immigration reform.

As the nation waits to see the details inside the bipartisan senators' immigration proposal, supporters are rallying behind legislation that promotes a pathway of citizenship for the 11 million immigrants living in the U.S. illegally.

Individuals from both sides of the debate are turning to social media to share opinions and photos of the event.


Voices From The Crowd

"Left Michigan at midnight to make it to the rally! 'Si se puede!'"
"Illegal immigrants should not be given special treatment or #Amnesty especially @ the expense of Black America!"
"Heading to #DC rally because the #timeisnow for comprehensive immigration reform"
National BAMN video

"Faces of reform #11million "
The #timeisnow to get AMERICANS back to work! #StopAmnesty
"MASSIVE crowd says the #timeisnow for a roadmap to citizenship!"
"The #timeisnow for employers to stop hiring illegal workers!"
"Hundreds line up @SenatorSessions 's office to ask him not to drop the ball on #CIR"
"The #TimeIsNow to call Congress and tell them #NoAmnesty for illegal aliens!"
"The Capitol lawn. People chant: "The time is now". Are you listening Washington? "