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Border & Immigration

NPR's Michel Martin Hosts Border Discussion In San Diego

The "Going There: Beyond Borders" panel, May 2, 2017.
KPBS Staff
The "Going There: Beyond Borders" panel, May 2, 2017.

National Public Radio’s Michel Martin hosted a discussion Tuesday night in San Diego about life along the U.S.-Mexico border called, “Going There: Beyond Borders.

You may know Martin as the host of NPR’s weekend host of “All Things Considered.”

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For the past three years, Martin has been taking the radio studio on the road as part of her “Going There” series. Topics can range from anything like college education to food.

“Going There: Beyond Borders,” was organized in collaboration with KPBS. The event featured a panel of speakers who discussed the many issues related to the border, such as human trafficking, illegal immigration, drug smuggling and violence. The discussion also looked at how the border is a place of discovery and transformation.


Jacqueline Arellano, Border Angels volunteer

Alfonso Gonzalez, businessman with offices on both sides of the Mexican/U.S. border

Jean Guerrero, @jeanguerre, KPBS Fronteras Reporter

Jorge Meraz, @MerazRambler, host of KPBS-TV travel show Crossing South

Terry Shigg, @NBPC1613, longtime border patrol agent