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San Diego County General Plan Still Controversial

San Diego County General Plan Still Controversial
San Diego County’s Chief Administrative Officer is recommending the supervisors schedule a longer hearing for more than 100 private property owners dissatisfied with the new General Plan for growth.

The Supervisors were scheduled to hear today from unhappy private property owners, who can develop fewer homes on their land under the new General Plan. But the proposal now is to delay the hearing until January and give them three days to testify.

A county spokesman said too many people signed up to speak to handle the issue today.

Planning Commissioner Michael Beck said the General Plan, which passed this summer, was more than a decade in the making. He does not want to see it watered down.


“The process of public engagement had hundreds of hearings over 10 years,” Beck said. “So the implication is that anything that is coming forward now would be inconsistent. It would be amazing if there is going to now be wholesale General Plan amendments.”

Those fighting the plan’s downzoning include farmers and ranchers in the unincorporated inland areas where water and fire protection are limited.