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Tax Tips for Last-Minute Filers

Tax Tips for Last-Minute Filers
April 17th is tax day! If you haven't filed are not alone. The IRS reports one-third of taxpayers wait until April to file.

Taxes are due tomorrow. If you haven't started gathering together your tax documents and filling out your tax forms, there is still time.

Filing electronically is fast and easy.

"The difference between paper and doing it by electronic filing (e-file) is like night and day … so much easier and more convenient to let the software hold your hand all the way through it," said IRS spokesman Raphael Tulino.


And if you still can't get them done by tomorrow at midnight, he said, "the six-month extension is an option and it's easy to request. It gives you six months to file and it's automatic through Oct. 15th."

Tulino added, however, that you can get an extension for filing, but not for payment. So if you think you owe this year send payment by the deadline, to avoid late fees and interest.