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Union Leader Banned From Walmart After Action Campaign

Walmart Supercenter
Chris Hondros
Walmart Supercenter

San Diego labor leader Lorena Gonzalez walked into a the College Grove Walmart today with a letter for the store manager. It requested the corporation improve employee pay and benefits, and require store contractors to pay a living wage. Gonzalez was taking part in a national day of action against the corporation, which resists efforts by its U.S. employees to unionize. Similar actions were taken in Massachusetts, Ohio, Washington and Georgia, among other states.

Gonzales said the goal is to give workers a voice against one of the largest corporations in the world.

"While traditional unionizing efforts have been tough, this is another way for workers to come together and collectively demand changes at their workplace," she said.


Gonzales was met with another letter from the corporation, one that bans her from Walmart stores. She said the police were called and she was told she’d be arrested if she returned.

The corporation has not yet responded to a request for comment.