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Southern California Edison Outlines Values for San Onofre Nuclear Plant's Decommissioning

The majority owner of San Onofre nuclear power plant wants input from environmentalists and anti-nuclear representatives as it prepares to decommission the facility.

In September, federal regulators said Edison and a contractor were to blame for design flaws that caused a tiny radioactive leak in January 2012. That leak eventually led to the plant's permanent closure in June.

This week, Edison Chief Executive Officer Ted Craver said safety, stewardship and engagement are values that will drive the plant's decommissioning. And he believes the public's faith in Edison remains despite accusations from ratepayers and politicians that the company misled regulators about equipment design flaws.


"Over the years, we've developed a good trust with the communities and really the principles are in concert with continuing that trust," Craver said.

Mindy Spatt, of consumer group The Utility Reform Network, called Edison's principles vague and disconnected to customers' concerns.

"How much will customers pay for a non-functioning plant?" Spatt asked. "How much will customers pay to decommission it? How much will customers pay for defective steam tubes? How much will they pay for replacement power?"

State regulators are expected to decide some of those questions this year.