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Californians Urged To Buy Local Flowers For Valentine's Day

If you're buying a bouquet for Valentine's Day, the people who grow and sell flowers in California are urging you to buy local.

Kasey Cronquist is with the California Cut Flower Commission. He says there's a good chance the flowers you send your Valentine's will be imports.

"I would estimate that over 95 percent of the roses being sold this Valentine's Day are going to be coming from countries like Colombia and Ecuador," Cronquist said.


Cronquist says consumer demand for locally grown food is translating to flowers as well.

He says if buying local is important to you then check for the "California Grown" blue and gold license plate tag on the flowers you buy or ask the person selling you flowers.

Meanwhile, Cronquist says California's flower farms were well-prepared for the drought by using techniques such as drip irrigation and "hydroponics" — a way of growing plants, not in dirt, but in recycled water.

"We've been through these types of situations before and for most of our farms they've already implemented the kinds of conservation strategies that are necessary," Cronquist said.