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Schools Deal with Families Struggling in the Recession

Schools Deal with Families Struggling in the Recession
For families struggling to make ends meet during the recession, making sure their children are doing well in school is an additional struggle. School teachers and administrators in the Imperial Valley are grappling with budget cuts as well as providing food and other social services to students and their families. We'll find out what impact this is having on education.

Maureen Cavanaugh: Some schools in the Imperial Valley are doubling up on their work load lately. They are not only providing education for students, but help for families being hit by the recession. School-based centers are offering everything from information on housing to some good, used clothing.

KPBS education reporter Ana Tintocalis visited the Imperial Valley and is here to discuss how schools there are weathering the economic downturn. Her report is part of the KPBS series Rough Water: Navigating the San Diego Economy.



Ana Tintocalis, KPBS education reporter.