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San Diego Unified Faces More Budget Woes After May Revise

The San Diego Unified School District may now have to cut even deeper into its programs and services next school year.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's updated budget projections translate into a loss of $30 million for San Diego Unified.

The district already approved about $60 million dollars in cuts in February.


Bernie Rhinerson is the governmental affairs spokesman for the district. He says the new round of state cuts hurt child development centers and special education services in the district.

"We're not out of the woods yet," Rhinerson said.

Making matters worse, some of the district's cost-saving strategies adopted earlier this year didn't help to balance its budget. Now officials have to find an additional $26 million in cuts.

The district is already facing a shorter school year and fewer buses. Now it's thinking about cutting vacant jobs and shifting federal funds to pay for school counselors.

A final budget is due at the end of June.