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Navy Veteran Dad Pickets School Where Son Was Bullied (Video)

A Navy veteran who works training police officers in Afghanistan is spending his brief time back in the states in an unusual way. Randy Duke of Victoria, Texas is picketing his 14-year-old son Max's school, saying the school suspended Max for standing up to a boy who'd been bullying him for years. (I've posted a video feature on the Duke family's plight from KHOU-TV.)

This reminds me of a situation going on in my own family. My seven-year-old niece is being bullied by the little girls in her class, but when she complains to the teacher on recess duty, she ends up being punished along with the bullies for not being able to "work it out" on her own.

So, what should parents do? Take matters into their own hands (like Mr. Duke)? Or let school administrators do their jobs? I'd love to hear what you have to say...