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UC Schools Launch 6-Week College Prep Summer Program

The University of California has launched a pilot program this summer to help 350 eligible California high school students and recent graduates complete the college prep courses they need to enter four-year schools.

Student Miguel Vilchis from Atwater says “Summer Up” is helping him as he works on building the math skills he’ll need to transfer to an Engineering program at a four-year school.

“You have TA’s, you have a teacher, and you have a computer. All of that is working together to teach you, which is in this case…math,” Vilchis said.


The six-week program focuses on helping the students complete college-transferable math courses. “Summer Up” helps students gain the confidence and critical thinking skills necessary for success on a University of California or California State University campus.

The University of California has joined with local high schools and community colleges around the state to offer the program.