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Mosaic mural enhances arts education for City Heights students

Students at one school in City Heights are showing their love of art this Valentine's Day.

Young artists at Hamilton Elementary have created a giant mural for their campus with help from professionals who work with the VAPA Foundation.

Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) mentors equip teachers and students with the skills and technology to create works of public art.


"What we are really striving for with this program is longevity," said Kim Sweeney, VAPA administrative coordinator. "We're really giving children the opportunity to create works that will survive beyond their experience in elementary school."

Third-grade students at Hamilton have been collaborating on a mosaic mural that will become the first three-dimensional art project on campus.

It features a space exploration theme. Kal-El is one of the students who is now sold on a career in the art world.

"Yeah, because it’s really fun to do with other kids, and also I kind of like drawing, too. So, I might do both," he said.

Roberta Villalobos is a third-grade biliteracy teacher involved in the VAPA art project. She received training to help her class of 20 children create a legacy through the visual arts.


“Different people get to experience one big mosaic they can collaborate on. That’s what a community is; to make one big product that’s going to last a lifetime," Villalobos said.