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Local Filmmakers Unveil Life Under the Sea

Local Filmmakers Unveil Life Under the Sea
What's life like under the ocean? Del Mar residents Howard and Michele Hall know first hand. They are world-renown underwater filmmakers whose newest IMAX film, Under the Sea, explore the depths of the ocean in remote places from South Australia to the Coral Triangle islands of Papua New Guinea.

Maureen Cavanaugh: I once asked one of my teachers what was the strangest animal she'd ever seen and she answered "anything that lives under the sea." The world's oceans are filled with amazing creatures, fish that resemble flowers or rocks. Creatures colored pink, blue, orange and even small leafy sea dragons.


A new IMAX film playing in San Diego brings us the underwater world with a clarity and scope, rarely seen, even by divers. And there's a message behind all this underwater beauty, it's that the environment that supports and sustains the ocean is changing, and that change threatens the creatures that live under the sea.

The new film "Under the Sea" is playing at the Reuben H. Fleet's IMAX Dome Theater in Balboa Park.


Howard Hall, underwater filmmaker and director of the new IMAX film "Under the Sea."

Michele Hall, producer of "Under the Sea."