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Recycle Cooking Oil For Free In San Diego County

Recycle Cooking Oil For Free In San Diego County
Pouring leftover cooking oil, fats or grease down kitchen sinks or drains clogs pipes. The material should be saved and recycled.

Pouring oil down drains accumulates inside sewer pipes making it difficult for wastewater to flow freely to the treatment plant. It can also cause sewer overflows.

And running hot tap water will not help grease float through the sewer pipe because the water eventually cools as it flows through the pipe and the grease becomes solid again.

Morgan Justice-Black with I Love A Clean San Diego said the used cooking oil can be recycled for free.


"Put it in a can, throw it in the freezer," said Justice-Black. "Once that can is full then take it to your local center for recycling. Or if you have a lot, if you deep-fried your turkey you're going to have a few quarts. In that case, one of the easiest facilities to take it to is the Miramar Recycling Center."

She said for unincorporated San Diego County there are collection sites at Ramona Disposal, as well as EDCO facilities in San Marcos and Lemon Grove.