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California's New Recycling Goal: 75 Percent by 2020

California’s New Recycling Goal: 75 Percent by 2020
California has an ambitious new recycling goal of seventy-five percent by 2020. That goal was set in a new law signed by Governor Jerry Brown this year.

The new law sets a seventy-five percent recycling goal for California by 2020. Mark Murray is with Californians Against Waste — the organization that sponsored the measure. He said a significant part of the new law requires that businesses arrange for recycling services by July.

“That’s not just in front of the counter at a fast food establishment, but it also means recycling behind the counter, behind the back of the stores, so that we’re recycling the corrugated, the plastic, the metals all the different materials generated by businesses,” said Murray.

The state agency, CalRecycle, said last year the state diverted sixty-four percent of its waste from landfills. CalRecycle must come up with a blueprint for reaching the seventy-five percent goal by 2014.