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Environmental Group To Help Clean Memorial Day Beach Messes

Mike and Tiffy
Environmental Group To Help Clean Memorial Day Beach Messes
Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to spend time at San Diego County beaches this Memorial Day weekend.

The unofficial start of summer will draw plenty of people to San Diego beaches and those people won't be coming empty handed. They'll be bringing gear and garbage.

I Love A Clean San Diego is dropping off extra trash and recycling containers to help keep garbage off the beach.


Four beaches: Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Mission Bay and Pacific Beach, will get the extra containers.

The group has been doing this for several years during the Fourth of July weekend, but this is the first it has taken action on Memorial Day, when the size of the crowd makes the extra bins necessary.

"All of these holiday weekends, you see an influx of beach-goers and unfortunately, the permanent infrastructure just can't handle it on the beach," said Morgan Justice-Black. "So, by putting out these temporary trash and recycling receptacles on the sand, it gives a convenient way for beach-goers to dispose of whatever they brought with them."

Leaving styrofoam, plastic bottles, plastic bags and wrappers at home is the best thing that can be done, said Justice-Black.