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Summer-Like Temps Expected To Return To San Diego County

Summer-like temperatures are expected to return to San Diego County later this week as an early autumn heat wave sweeps through the region, forecasters said Thursday.

A National Weather Service heat advisory for the valleys is scheduled to take effect at 10 a.m. Friday as offshore flow and building high pressure drive temperatures to 10 to 20 degrees higher than average.

High temperatures for Friday are forecast to be 85 to 90 degrees near the coast, 94 to 99 degrees inland, 97 to 102 degrees in the valleys, 85 to 95 degrees in the mountains and 96 to 101 degrees in the deserts.


Slightly cooler conditions are expected over the weekend.

"Weaker flow on Saturday should bring a gradual end to the mini heat wave, but our confidence is low on how much temperatures will lower for Saturday, if at all for some inland locations," according to the weather service.

Forecasters urged residents to protect themselves and their loved ones against dehydration, heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses. They are advised to stay well-hydrated, avoid working in the sun, check on neighbors and relatives — especially the elderly — and provide plenty of water to pets and livestock.