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San Diego County Cut Back On Water By 23% In April

Customers in San Diego County cut back on water consumption by 23 percent in April compared to the same month three years ago, marking the largest monthly reduction since September, the San Diego County Water Authority reported Monday.

The state-mandated target for the county as a whole is to reduce consumption by 13 percent compared to the corresponding month in 2013. The goal was lowered recently from 20 percent after the region was given credit for bringing a desalination plant in Carlsbad online.

"The region proved again in April that it hasn't forgotten its duty to conserve our precious water resources," said Mark Weston, chairman of the Water Authority's Board of Directors.

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"Residents and businesses continued to do more than what was required, saving more water even as mandates were loosened," Weston said. "This mindset to not waste water is still needed this summer. We must continue to use water efficiently during the peak water-use months."

Since the mandated conservation was instituted last June, San Diego County's consumption has dropped by a total of 21 percent, according to the Water Authority.

Beginning in June, the State Water Board's regulations will allow communities to tailor drought responses to the unique situation in their service areas.

The revision followed assessments of water supply conditions, which were boosted by El Niño-fueled rain and snow in Northern California.

The Water Authority said it's working with member agencies to assess water supplies and demands according to the state's new formula.