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Major Heat Wave Headed To San Diego

The first major heat wave of the season is headed to San Diego County, prompting the National Weather Service to issue an excessive heat watch.

A strengthening high pressure system was expected to send desert temperatures soaring 10 to 20 degrees above normal, creating a warming trend through Saturday, according to the NWS.

The excessive heat watch was expected to be in effect from Friday afternoon to Saturday evening with Borrego Springs potentially reaching a high of 110 degrees.


A gradual cool down was expected to begin Sunday.

State safety regulators today urged employers to protect their outdoor workers from heat illness.

"Employers need to be aware of the rules that protect workers from heat illness," said Juliann Sum, chief of the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration. "Water, rest, shade and increased vigilance are absolutely essential in high heat conditions."

Cal-OSHA officials recommend that employers provide enough fresh water so that each employee can drink at least 1 quart, or four 8-ounce glasses of water per hour, and encourage them to do so. They are also advised to provide access to shade and encourage employees to take a cool-down rest in the shade for at least five minutes.

Cal-OSHA will inspect outdoor work sites in industries such as agriculture, construction, landscaping, and others throughout the heat season.


Employers can call (800) 963-9424 for assistance from Cal-OSHA Consultation Services.

Employees with work-related questions or complaints may contact DIR's Call Center in English or Spanish at 844-LABOR-DIR (844-522-6734).